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FundsCode ISINSubscriberNet asset value (mad)Net asset (mad)Périodicité VLSince start of year1 week1 month3 months6 months1 year3 years
Equity funds
FH2 ACTIONSMA0000039034FNPP1 193,23788 786 556,15Quotidien11,41%-0,84%1,34%4,38%13,35%30,05%19,28%
CAPITAL SELECTIONMA0000036311FGP233,481 854 363,29Quotidien9,57%-0,76%1,50%3,10%11,28%26,46%13,93%
CAPITAL ACTIONSMA0000036303FGP185,2532 648 400,83Quotidien8,22%-0,89%0,92%2,61%10,74%24,97%10,31%
CAPITAL PROTECTIONMA0000036220FNPP2 844,30978 456 599,12Quotidien6,63%-0,85%1,11%0,97%9,80%24,68%8,03%
Balanced funds
R-MIXT PERFORMANCEMA0000038861FNPP1 091,914 786 474 970,54Quotidien4,79%-0,35%0,60%2,18%6,91%14,46%7,38%
CAPITAL TERMEMA0000036329FGP205,3370 955 484,48Quotidien4,04%-0,11%0,55%1,84%6,22%12,37%5,37%
CAPITAL OBLIGATIONS BANQUES PLUSMA0000038382FGP1 146,591 133 275 008,39Quotidien1,36%0,05%0,29%0,90%1,83%4,13%8,89%
CAPITAL DIVERSIFIESMA0000038390FGP1 045,591 045 590,88Quotidien1,30%-0,09%0,24%0,54%2,00%3,77%3,14%
Medium-to-long-term fixed income funds
ALIF IIIMA0000038234FNPP1 182,632 261 784 482,05Quotidien2,55%0,07%0,31%1,28%4,50%9,13%6,08%
Short-term fixed income funds
CAPITAL RENDEMENTMA0000037715FGP2 394,871 512 499 560,66Quotidien1,40%0,06%0,31%0,96%1,88%4,05%7,20%
CAPITAL IMTIYAZ LIQUIDITEMA0000036261FGP17 948,2112 358 353 335,12Quotidien1,33%0,05%0,30%0,94%1,85%4,01%8,26%
CAPITAL DYNAMIQUEMA0000035925FGP2 183,44151 055 344,54Quotidien0,69%0,02%0,15%0,44%0,93%1,29%3,44%
CAPITAL OBLIGATIONS BANQUESMA0000037392FGP1 412,921 090 287 364,06Quotidien1,33%0,05%0,29%0,90%1,77%3,92%7,17%
Money market funds
CAPITAL MONETAIREMA0000036238FGP1 582,61146 676 610,42Quotidien0,98%0,05%0,21%0,65%1,28%2,60%5,61%
CAPITAL IMTIYAZ TRESORERIEMA0000037442FGP135 850,762 350 354 118,42Quotidien1,24%0,05%0,27%0,82%1,64%3,42%7,30%
CAPITAL MONETAIRE PLUSMA0000037673FGP1 226,321 176 238 192,79Quotidien1,05%0,05%0,21%0,68%1,37%2,84%6,33%
IRADMA0000030488FGP2 616,914 256 589 996,46Quotidien1,28%0,05%0,27%0,85%1,68%3,53%7,56%
OPCVM Contractuel
CAPITAL IMTIYAZ GARANTIMA0000039497FGP1 008,6177 087 400,20Quotidien-99,90%0,05%0,22%0,67%-99,90%-99,90%-99,90%
Past performance is not indicative of future returns.
For those funds which do not have a complete NAV track-record over the entire period, the performance data provided relate to the performance calculated since the fund’s launch date.


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